My research work have been highlighted in plenty of news outlets from all over the world, including Reuters, NBC, CNBC, MIT News, Quartz, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Engadget, IEEE Spectrum, Wired Magazine, BusinessInsider, Popular Mechanics, Boston Globe, Popular Mechanics, Associated Press, Mashable, Fast Company, Designboom, SciTechDaily, Intelligent Transport, DutchNews, UrbanNext, RoboHouse, SparkFun, TechSpot, The Engineer, Nasdaq News, Archinect News, AMS Institute News, PKU News, Xinhuanet, Germany TV Station ARD, and CCTV (China), etc.


Here are some selected reports:

Self-driving "Roboats" ready for testing on Amsterdam's canals

      How self-driving boats could swarm to simplify city life

Autonomous boats could be your next ride 

Autonomous boats can target and latch onto each other

  What key ingredients make Roboat autonomously navigate the city?

Bio-robotic fish debuts in the Arctic Ocean